Start List/Liste de Départ: Gathering Steam!

Wow it is April already. Our group has moved on to the track and after a successful late winter/early spring road race in Lasalle (Brenna’s Blog), we have split the groups into more event-specific workouts. For most of us, the goal is summer track or road racing, with a few keying on Olympic Trials (not the Olympics so much, yet!), and others looking to provincial championships in August.

Some of the top runners in Canada are down south getting an early start on the good weather. Check out Matt Lincoln’s blog for a workout including Martinson, Marpole-Bird, Brennan, Finn, Corrigan and Proudfoot, at Arizona State University.

Somewhat nearby in Moscow, Stephane Colle is starting on the burning, too.

Want to know what Malindi Elmore does for warm up? She’s going to tell you, here.

From 20min 5k in the summer to multiple CIS medalist in the winter. Have you heard of Katie Anderson?

Is Trimes a hipster? I say no, it’s actually cool. Mais c’est bon d’y penser comme ça.

Javi Cuevas got a new post up about a mid-winter training camp in Cuba. Considering he’s since been to Florida, he needs to update more!

Help the Laval track and XC teams win their Athletics Banquet video contest!

Graydon Snider looks at the 10,000 hour rule, and scoffs.

Madison Franks is on her way to 10,000 hours of something! Mom is in tough!

Get some sleep!

Finally, lots of good stuff at Weiler’s new blog. Read on!