Start List/Liste de Départ: Get strong, get fast?

Chuckie V talks about strength training. I think my favourite part of his blog was this little tangent: “Personally, I like it like that. Call me a purist if you will, but screw those lame judged “sports” like ice dancing, freestyle skiing, gymnastics, body-building, the snowboard half-pipe and synchronized swimming! I’ll concede that those competing in these activities are all athletes, and perhaps I’m just being a poor sport, but I honestly couldn’t care less about the winner of a judged sport.” I am 100% in agreement with this.

Trevor Caldwell reminisces on his time with the Brooks Canada Marathon Project,
inspired by the news that the Project is selling their High Park house.

André Lefort is winding down his season.

It’s not setting world records that makes a success, it’s the ability to set goals and achieve them, at any level.

Some science to back up the claims about the link between cadence and injury.