Start List/Liste de Départ: Going up the country

Surprisingly, sitting in a warm tub of water is not as effective a warm up as a traditional easy jog/cycle. Darn, I was kind of looking forward to buying a rubber ducky!

Tutorial on rideshares. Not sure how this is relevant, but hey, a runner’s got to get from race to race somehow!

Peter Corrigan’s looking to improve on a 14:41 5k time this week. He shares a couple of his recent workouts.

Good news! Boston Marathon has a lower heart attack death rate than other marathons. Which of course makes other marathons sound dangerous…The death rate, after a study of 1.4million finishers, is 1 in 128,000 for all marathons studied. For Boston it’s 1 in 374,000. Also, 30 out of 31 deaths were men, average age of 46. In other words, not so dangerous, really.

Interesting question: why don’t South African runners succeed like those from other African nations?

Here’s a post about two things: functional assessment and individual variation in training. Here’s a quote I like from the post:

“My coach, Lee Troop, explains training from group to group as being 80 percent the same around the world. The last 20 percent is 20 pieces of individual, one-percent elements that can make the difference in performances.”

Rob Watson is out
. No Destroyer in Montreal. Probably a good thing as playoff season is coming and there will be enough burning cop cars on the streets as it is…

André Lefort likes his new compression socks. And no, they did not cause this.

Ok, so our friends at Trimes are gear-whores, and I don’t really get that, but hey, they are triathletes, so that probably has something to do with it. Anyway, I don’t usually link to every single post they put up (because Alex is some kind of blog post robot. Seriously, how does he do it?), but this caught my eye. Asics puts out a minimalist shoe. Interesting…

Matt Lincoln references the band who may or may not be behind the theme song for The Adventures of Noddy. And he talks workouts down in Scottsdale.

Cheap food
. Eat it.