Start List/Liste de Départ: Has it already been a week?

More interesting training discussion, en français, chez Daniel Riou. Aujourd’hui: Qu’est-ce que l’endurance?

Jane is thinking like a PRO.
I actually have a theory about relationships and running breaks/injuries. Basically, it’s all about emotional energy and availability. Runners put a lot of emotional energy into our running, we really do. So when we are not running, there is so much more of it available, and other people, potential romantic partners that is, catch on. Pretty simple, really. As John Hodgeman would say: You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, Rob is talking about balls.
Men and women. Lol. Never change.

Brenna Walsh is back. After what is probably best described as a tough year transitioning from regular undergrad life to research/lab work life, it seems that she is ready to get back to training like the beast that she is.

Enjoy the beast work. If it ain’t fun, it ain’t fun.

Ok, normally I’m not much for linking gear posts (I’ll leave that to Trimes), but this is cool: sunglasses-mounted camera. I would like to get some of those.

Here’s a video of Kmag’s footwear debate. So much discussion on this. I tend to think: wear what is comfortable.