Start List/Liste de Départ: How do you like it?

This link has been making the rounds, and it is worth a read. The man in charge of the Guelph distance running scene (Speed River, UofG) answers some questions. Guelph got the funding for their new indoor/outdoor track complex, too.

If DST is not enough for you, how about Greg MacMillan?

Nothing like Stotanism to make you feel like a beast.

Geoff Martinson notices all the people dropping fast times indoors, and wonders if they (and he) will be there come Olympics qualifying time.

Matt Lincoln sheds some light on the workouts the Arizona group is doing.

Ian Donald is still on the marathon train.

Graydon reviews some Olympic movies, and ponders pool running.

This is funny: Shit Runners DON’T say.

Runner’s usually don’t say “VO2max is not all that important.” But maybe they should.

Carnaval à Québec: une belle opportunité de s’entrainer.

An all-women’s race was recently announced for Halifax. Girls run fast.

Peter Corrigan and Steve Boyd have thoughts on how our sport could be developped, on the track and road.

When are you at your best?

Is your run an obligation orna desire?