Start List/Liste de Départ: how to fix your running form once and for all

Ok, so the title was a bit misleading, but this post by Steve Magness is what he calls “the most important information you will ever read about running form.” So you should probably read it.

Sweat Science published two posts over the weekend. The first is about heart damage and marathon running. The second is about interval training and insulin.

Amby Burfoot makes two points in one post about some misconceptions that recreational runners seem to have. The first is that ibuprofen is not useful. The second is that piling on a big meal after a run to re-stock your glycogen supplies is only really good advice for people doing a lot of running (marathoners, people who are doubling up), for the reason that they are usually very close to their next workout. For the average joe running 4x week, a banana and a glass of water is good enough.

Speaking of the average joe, Guelph coach Dave Scott-Thomas has some advice on what to prioritize in your training plan. This can also apply to elite runners coming back from injury.

We are all excited about the showdown on October 16th for Canadian marathon supremacy. Despite complaints that the Canadian Olympic standards were too hard, there are finally some men (no women at the moment) who have made the standard or are knocking on the door. So maybe hard standards are the way to go? Not sure, but the Irish have a similar thing going, mind you their standards are a little lower (seems to be around 2:16). (via Mzungo)

Another link from Mzungo: Coach Renato Canova speaks out on doping in distance running. The link from Mzungo goes to the Let’s Run forum, so tread with caution!

Canadian runner blog updates:

Jane is feeling “glumy.” Yes, she invents words.

Andre Lefort consolidates his winter season and looks forward to the spring.

Lanni Marchant is looking for your donations!

Evan Andrin is getting better, and he’s encouraging young people to vote.

Finally, Geoff Martinson gives thanks. He’s got a cool list from Ato Boldon about the things a professional runner should know.