Start List/Liste de Départ: It’s getting warmer

Seems like all the serious professional runners have done their indoor racing for the year. Some will go on to Turkey for world indoors, others will get back to the grind. The university athletes have a few weeks to go before the CIS and NCAA championships. Spring is almost here.

But of course, you know we love us some cross country. Reid Coolsaet had a good one, on his way home from Kenya. Also,the trailer for the Coolsaet biopic is up.

Geoff Martinson ran 13:55 indoors on the strength of beet juice. And the boys in Quebec City have also been experimenting with the burgendy root.

Dylan Wykes has been known to try beet juice, too, but this post has more eggs and bacon.

Chris Kelsall has some really great interviews at Athletics Illustrated. Peter Snell and indoor mile poster child Taylor Milne are two of the latest.

Recent successful doctoral candidate Graydon Snider explores the latest “running boom” in a response to Steve Boyd’s last post.

Stotan Life. Live it.

Thinking mind vs power mind. Interesting read.

A couple french guys down south are excited for their buddies back home. Collin will be racing soon, and Colle just popped an 8:08 3k. Ben Raymond continue de developper sa saison aussi.

This is what happens if you break up with Le Blog du Rob. (best parts are Nic’s reaction, and the transcription)

What’s next in Canadian marathoning? Whatever happens, we’ve got some catching up to do. Weiler made a list.

Deny, deny, deny. I understand that not everyone is at this level, but if you want to be the best you can be, then you have to make sacrifices. Society has shifted in recent years, it would seem, to make sacrifice a dirty word. Thanks to the internet (somehow?) we can have it all. Well you can’t.