Start List/Liste de Départ: Jammed for the weekend

Dylan Wykes announces he’s in for the “Greatest Canadian Marathon of All-Time” (TM, Copyright 2011! lol) on October 16, in Toronto. This is good news. Simon Bairu, everyone’s waiting on you, man…

Two science links. One from Sweat Science with actual evidence that indeed, thermostat settings may affect weight. The second from Lauren Fleshmann, who’s been dealing with injury and you can tell from this post that she needs to be healed. The post is an examination of an alternative medicine practice, so really more of an anti-science post. But if it works, it works. Hopefully it works out for her.

A couple new blogs on the roll: Adam Campbell and Mo Farah.

Adam’s a Canadian from Victoria. He’s been a triathlete, a mountain running, and now he’s dedicating himself to ultra-racing. In a couple samples from his well-established blog (it’s only new to our roll), you can tell that he loves to muck it up, and he treats running with the joy of a child going out to play.

Mo Farah’s pretty much the top British distance runner, in the news because he’s decided to go train with Alberto Salazar in Oregon. Mo Farah talks about his new coach, and his performances indoors this winter.