Start List/Liste de Départ: Keep on bloggin’

In case you missed it, I did a review of all the CIS XC polls, and compared them to the actual results. Enjoy!

Vitamin C is good for you…unless you are training? Explain me this Sweatscience!

Geoff Harris is back, both training and blogging.

Ian Donald has a Guelph-centred video of CIS.
Meanwhile, Brother Scott has lost his Mo’

Finally, part 3 of Lauren Fleshman’s NYC marathon experience, in which she actually talks about the race.

Adam Campbell talks about the mental side of training and racing. Despite what he says, he’s got the experience to say a few things.

John Mason says pour concrete, not cement.

Marilyn Arsenault is in New Mexico for training.

George Sheehan on training (over and under).

Two weeks in the life of Running Jesus.

Apparently, in France, there is a debate on about “Urban Trail.” Interesting discussion.

More from the NYC Marathon: who was that white guy in the lead pack? An Italian, of course.

An easy way to figure out your VAM, according to Daniel Riou. An easier way is to run a 3k race.