Start List/Liste de Départ: Last train to Clarkston

Hey, hey!

In a time of high hopes and expectations for the new year to come, you should ask yourself, “do I mean what I say? Do I really want this?” Because it’s hard.

Colle says yes.

Peter Corrigan writes, baby, this time, it will be different. He is probably being a bit hard on himself.

Un année de course en photos, par Daniel Riou.

Steve Magness looks outside the running world for inspiration. This is a really good blog.

Chicken nuggets are good for you! Says Jeremy Walsh… ok, that’s not actually what he says…

Rob is back from the East. Has he changed? He got beat by a guy wearing Vibrams. Enough said! Jk Rob, you still rock!

Lauren Fleshman is not normal. This is news?

Pat Hamelin got in a nice training block.

Ben Raymond a fini sa saison de cross avec un autre voyage en C.-B.

Did you know Spain was not playing by the same anti-doping rules as the rest of the world? Trimes puts them back in line!