Start List/Liste de Départ: Laval and McGill in the top 10

Les hommes du Rouge et Or et les femmes Martlets sont, pour le moment, les seuls représentants du RSEQ dans le poll CIS XC top-10 du site TNF North.

Sweat Science has videos of Bolt and Tergat jogging slowly. Rare footage indeed!

Some words of wisdom from Tom Osler.
Osler suggests running on grass and trails as being good for the legs. It is. But it’s also good for the mind. Check out what Sian Beilock has to say about it.

And here’s more on the brain.
Aerobic running not only builds mitochondria in your muscles, but in your brain, too, which can affect your resistance to fatigue, and your desire to train.

Here’s what Eric Gillis will be wearing in Toronto.