Start list/Liste de Départ: Leaving on a jet plane…

I’m off to Sardinia very soon, but here are some links in the meantime.

Chuckie V advocates learning from many sources as one of the pillars of excellence. If you read one link today, read this one.

Amby Burfoot looks at cross-training, and the benefits thereof.

How about training for your feet?

Or if you are old?
(Aside: I’m starting to think I’m old. A friend of mine who I met when he was 34 is now 41. And I’m 34. This concerns me…)

Interested in reasons for obesity? SweatScience points us to an interesting debate. Also, apparently being overweight is not healthy. Shocking news!

Kevin Rooke lands in Alaska! Should be fun to follow the blog of an NCAA recruit through his first year.

Frederic Dion was in tough, but he’s come out the other side, and is keeping it going!. The first link has some nice stuff about injury identification.

Some more of Patrice Hamelin’s training.

Coolsaet’s race report on the Acura 10-miler, which he won in 48:34.

Jeremy Walsh pays tribute to Sweat Science with a neat video that has some graphs in it.

Cerruty quotes.

Pre-race blog from Rob Watson.
That’s good because he DNFed at Acura, so I hope his next blog is not too pissed. It’s ok, sometimes tough training means good racing (like in the marathon, not the 10-miler two months out…)

Derek Nakluski is back with a little test race in Grand River.

Adam Campbell loves racing up mountains.
Homestay with a chef? Who wouldn’t?

Matt Sharpe has a bit of an Achilles issue.

Marathon long runs: finish time is associated with long run distance, regardless of all other factors. Not sure how much of a scientific study this was, but it’s good to know!

Some advice from Lauren Fleshman on returning from injury and associated weight gain.

Speaking of Fleshman, she’s going to debut in the marathon in NYC in November.