Start List/Liste de Départ: Lists, so many lists!

Trimes compares Verzbikas and Lemaitre. There is some good critical analysis here I think.

The Science of Sport present a summary of research at a year-end conference.

Compression tights during workouts: does it help or not?

Blaise Dubois recommends big bulky running shoes! You read it here first!

And, if we are on the topic, Geoff Martinson has some choice words for makers of custom orthotics.

Rob Jackson is enjoying his time off. And then it’s back to the salt mines. But if you are still in racing mode, here’s a good post to help you prepare for that last race: club nationals.

Stephane Colle is going to get after it in Vancouver. He’s looking for a top ten finish.

Brenna Walsh got the run in. That’s the main thing.

A week of training for Running Jesus, and for French Old School Runner Guy.
American Old School Runner Guy blogs about George Young and racing as speedwork.


Patrice Hamelin recaps his training.

It’s mom against the marathon. Sounds like my mom. “Gees” indeed.

Here’s a bonus list of links for you to check out, from And, a bonus to the bonus, a list of Daniel’s 10 myths series, all interesting reads about some sacred (and some not) cows in the running world.