Start List/Liste de Départ: Long, long, long

Un grand merci aux spectateurs!

How to motivate yourself when you hate to run.
Wait…what? Who hates to run?

How to live long? Have long-living parents!

More life-fitness balance from André Lefort.

Potential: absolutely meaningless?
Sort of. According to Chuckie V, we ALL have the POTENTIAL to do it. but…

“The thing is, few of us actually attempt to “do it.”


Because “doing it” takes dedication and discipline and diligence and enough desire to override and overcome all the hard work necessary. And yet we possess the wherewithal—the audacity—to complain that we have chosen not to do it. “Boy, but if I did make that choice…”

Potential outcome is not governed by physical potential, but by choosing to reach said outcome, then committing to it, then having actually reached it. That is how potential is measured, at the finish line. It is past tense, or it is all pretense.”

Well said, CV.

Free online journal on “the biomedical basis of elite performance.” You’ll want to check that out, I’m sure.

Reid Coolsaet had a big weekend. Lots of running and croquet.
Oh and check out how an ad for the upcoming Acura 10-miler was photoshopped to cut out New Balance, Reid’s sponsor. They must have been steamed at that.

Patrice Hamelin contre la montre. Literally.

Some thoughts on drugs and sport. Not happy thoughts, either.

Adam Campbell discovers John Lenihan, Irish mountain running legend. It’s a three-part video series, about 2hrs long. Check it out.

Finally, here’s a post about cognitive dissonance.
It’s from a hockey blog, but I think the lessons can be easily transfered to running, and the running world. We all know what we believe and we select our sources of information to allow us to reinforce those beliefs. Take a chance, experiment, read about something from a perspective you would not normally agree with. You might grow.