Start List/Liste de Départ: New Blood

There are a couple of new blogs out there that you should probably check out. The first is from club member Graydon Snider. His blog actually goes way back to last summer, but he was coy about it and didn’t tell anyone. You can tell it is written by someone smart. Trevor Caldwell’s blog was like that, too. Smart people blogging. Love it.

While Graydon’s blog has much to choose from, the next new blog, from local boy Olivier Collin, has but one entry so far. Hopefully he keeps it going, so we can read about his training in Victoria/Arizona.

Not a new blog, but a new post from a blog that is not updated enough, contains Malindi Elmore’s latest. Or does it? I went looking for a post about her recent move to Speed River, but there’s nothing on it yet. She did give a good interview to Flotrack after a sub-9:00 3k on the weekend.

Cam Levins is going after Olympic standard in the 5000m.

Pete Corrigan has a nice post about track racing.

A couple updates from the McGill Team Challenge from Ben Raymond, MacTrack, as well as the folks from Quebec City.

Times are passing us by.

A week of winter running in Quebec City.