Start List/Liste de Départ: No Bairu

Lots of links, making up for being away in Sutton this weekend. Big news: Bairu is out of STWM. Sounds like he’s making the right decision, though, and he’s still a good bet for London.

If Trimes were a federation…

The talk test: figuring out tempo pace.

Why neither minimalist, nor regular running shoes, will win the battle.

More stuff from Hutch and others about cadence.

More from Hutch on how static stretching makes you less efficient.

Speaking of Hutch (that Alex Hutchison from SweatScience), he’s going to be writing another book. News on that here.

Interview with Asker Jeukendrup, who knows A LOT about sports nutrition.

Kevin Rooke is learning what it means to be a student-athlete in Alaska.

Jane is doing the execution run.

The Raw Dogs, Living the Life.
Why do we run? For it is clean and noble! And for the pain, of course.

Trevor Caldwell has figured out that drinking fixes your Achilles.

Malindi Elmore did the triathlon thing. Now back to running.

Adam Campbell on online registration.

I’m not really sure what this is supposed to be about. But the video is funny.

There’s a new rule about women’s marathon and records. Ladies only!

U Laval rolled at McGill this weekend.
Le coach fait son résumé. Patrice Hamelin has his own update on it, too.

Derek Nakluski ran a solid 1:06:40 half last weekend.
Hope he can get under 2:20 in Detroit. He’s got a new training partner, Terrence Attema, who might help him do it.

Steve Magness examines the science of a finishing kick.

Coolsaet talks about his recent training, and shares a video of that awesome 10k in Brussels last weekend.

Jeremy Walsh got lost in Peterborough. Dude.

What Jay’s doing since he’s not running.

Steve Weiler is grumpy at the world. Not wrong, either.

Matt Sharpe, update from China.

And to end, an older post, from a new blog on our list. Flintland.