Start List/Liste de Départ: No end to controversy!

Last Start List, we discussed standards. Here’s a post from Mzungo that mentions the US standards for their Olympic Trials (***Update, thanks to Dylan Wykes for clarifying). 2:19 for men, 2:39 for women. Interesting that Canada would have 4 men qualified under that standard (assuming qualifying period starting September 1, 2010), but no women. Apparently about 100 guys qualified for the trials for Beijing (Wykes again, below). I think there are many different ways that conversation could go: why no women? Why are our standards tougher? Is it really just a numbers game? One would expect the US to have more good runners based on population alone. But 25 to 1? Population is only about 10 to 1.

Next up, Trimes has a comment about Quebec and Canadian sport federations, how they get their money, and the place of amateur sport in Quebec. Hint: hockey and football get all the attention. While there are perhaps some complaints to be made, it is worth noting that other provinces look to Quebec as an example of how to promote amateur sport for youth. There’s tons of room for improvement, though, no need to get complacent. There’s also a piece at Trimes that stirred some controversy over the summer Tri race circuit. Apparently some people are not big fans of criticism.

Speaking of Trimes, here is a post with some pictures of some gear and I have no idea what they do. And some Hot Naked Celebs! Ok, actually, it’s just an interesting piece about pool training etiquette from Trimes. Although if you look really hard…

Here’s another fun controversial topic: Running shoes. Running Room, your system is whack. Turns out comfort is more important than “stability” or “motion control” or some such thing. Thanks, Sweat Science.

Sweat Science round up: Metabolism rises for 14 hours after hard exercise, and two allegedly unrelated posts (yeah, right) about how much one can expect to slow down in the late 30s, and the usefulness of (non-alcoholic) beer as a recovery drink.

WADA has created an Athlete Biological Passport, but it’s not quite perfect.

Kenyan’s cross country skiing. Yes, it’s true.

Long run in Mammoth. All of this indoor track business is almost done. Soon we can get back to undistracted aerobic growth!

Dylan Wykes is already doing some real distance workouts out in Vancouver, including 10k of volume on the roads in Stanley Park, track at UBC in honour of Salvatore Antibo. Impressive.

Shoeless Coolis finally got her video up. This is an interesting perspective on winter running.

I get the impression that Leslie Sexton would much rather be doing what Jane and Dylan are doing (and she probably has) but instead, she gave it a go on the track.

It’s tough out there, as we’ve seen. Winters are long. So are training camps, sometimes, for Ian Donald. And injuries, for Lauren Fleshman. And post-marathon recovery benders, for Rob Watson. Game on.

And if you’re sure you want to keep on that track thing, then might as well do it right. Four ways to build a kick, from Lauren Fleshman

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