Start List/Liste de Départ: No Secrets

Pas de grand thème aujourd’hui pour la liste de départ. Just some good links.

Another coach, and a big one, is on board with sharing his training plans. I get the “no distribution” rule a little bit. But eventually, that wall should come down, too. No secrets.

An old injury nags Chris Winter

Whatever happens this weekend in Houston for Rob Watson, one thing is for sure: there will be beer afterward.

Imagine a cross country race with only Kenyans.

Jane is hammering out the miles, no matter what the weather.

Sweat science is pouring out the posts. We almost can’t keep up. First, something about the limits of science. Very meta.

And also, a couple articles about different kinds of carbs and carb absorption.

And since we link to carbs, we have to link to fat, too!

Coming up this week: 1500m race strategy, and an interview with an ex-Montrealer!