Start List/Liste de Départ: Nothing but Hits!

All the big names are out today: Cullis, Watson, Mason, Hutchinson!

No link for this, but interesting information: the women’s 5k at provincials has been deemed too big for the course, so the junior women and CEGEP runners will have their own section. This is exciting: it means more people are running. That’s a good thing.

Are you an expert? No. Sweatscience comments on a book excerpt from the NYT that basically goes to town on stock pickers, showing them to be for the most part, massive frauds. How does this relate to running? Running, as an “industry” or “community” is pretty much the equivalent of medieval medicine. We rely on elders and their experience, while shunning more recent, scientific discoveries. On the other hand, we are often quick to jump on a trend, based on limited information or results. Making safe, long-term decisions based on what we actually know, rather than what we hope or think we know, is rare in the running community. Food for thought.

Learn about the river. A more poetic description of what goes on in the salt mines.

John Mason goes on another rant that I fully agree with. GET FIRED UP!

Rob Watson is fired up, back at ‘er, and motivated by 1000 beers.

Jane Cullis is slowly regaining normal shins.
And she has twitter.

Dirge Rhetoric links to three stories, two of which we’ve already linked to here. The other one is about Zola Budd. He also updates us on the surgery situation.

Kevin Rooke and his squad took care of business at their conference championship, thanks to the wonders of cross training!

Rachel Seaman is only 3 seconds away from walking to the Olympics.

Relationship advice for runners. It goes both ways!

In-race fueling leads to faster finish times in Ironman races. You’d think that would be obvious, but this is not without controversy.