Start List/Liste de Départ: Old time rock and roll

So, should you tell people about your goals? Good question André Lefort. I tend to tell people because I feel that it makes me accountable to the goals. But, as André says, it’s a good idea to pick your allies wisely.

Speaking of my goals, here’s my race report from yesterday. Short version: I did not achieve my stated time goal. But otherwise, it was good.

Patrice Hamelin continues to give us an insight into his training.

Frédéric Dion remonte la rivière Matapedia.

Jeremy Walsh is back and building.

Geoff Martinson is still waiting to see if he qualified for World Championships.

How tight should your compression tights be? Tight enough to show off the goods! Right? …er right? Actually “No improvement in endurance running performance was observed in either compression condition.” 🙁

Toronto MP writes about the workout I did with them last weekend, and the rest of their high volume week.

Jane rocked some big mileage in Maine, even if she was mistaken for a dancer.

Lauren Fleshman ran an awesome race in London this weekend.

Old guys know their stuff.

Some life-fitness balance stuff.

Adam Campbell, living the life.