Start List/Liste de Départ: on track for success

This time of year, there is generally a lot of discussion about planning and structure and what is the best way to develop athletes. In between seasons, it is easier to keep the long term view in mind. When we get into the bull of the season, we tend to forget the long term and start making short-term decisions. The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model hopes to keep coaches and athletes on the right track. But it has its detractors. Here is a long eviceration of the LTAD, by a guy who writes a sports technology blog, Jason Anson. I like the LTAD, but I am always interested to read differing opinions. It is healthy to question, for sure.

On the same topic, training methods don’t work the same way for everyone.

Ever hear of Cliff Young? Cool story.

Matt Lincoln is back from sports hernia surgery.

Sweatscience wrote about altitude tents, and got some pointed responses. He fires back with his best weapon: science! he’s also got something on marathoning and allergies.

Here are some very technical videos from Daniel Riou. *not actually technical.

In case you missed it, here is a little update on our group, and my own running.

Racewalking: awesome, or super-awesome? The hips don’t lie…

Check out the course profile on the Northface Challenge Adam Campbell is doing on Saturday. Wow.

Ok, somyou know what annoys me? The STM employees and their charity collection. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the charity that gets to me. It’s their tone of voice as they shake their pails of change. It’s as if they are admonishing people for not participating. The tone is expectant, rather than respectfully (and cheerfully!) asking. I don’t know what it is: maybe it’s a language thing and I can’t get the voices of my elementary school teachers out of my head when I hear these people. Maybe it’s just the grumbly nature of the STM employee. It’s hard to say. Look, there are plenty of charities, and I can’t give to all of them, and they are not making it easy to give to theirs. If anything, they are making it worse. Now, here is a charity idea I can get behind. Daniel Riou has found a very cool Christmas giving idea. I’ll let him describe it… Click on!

Santa has already come for ITU tri fans. Magog makes the circuit!

More sweaty science: HIT is a miss. I could rant on about this, but I’ve already rambled too much today. Just read it and laugh at people who don’t know what real training is. For example…

Here’s a video of Reid Coolsaet’s time in Kenya. The Training Life, yo. Yanked it from Rob Jackson’s tumblr

Reid Coolsaet in Kenya from Francis Coral – Mellon on Vimeo.