Start List/Liste de Départ: One more week

Malindi Elmore talks about racing in Europe and how fun it is.

Paula Findlay didn’t run Edmonton, but it’s cool.

André Lefort links to a video of his buddy Aaron Hendrikx at junior nats.
The link leads to more coverage of Junior Nationals, so check out Annie Leblanc in the women’s 800 and Ben Raymond in the men’s 5000. Both junior national champions! I don’t see those videos up now, but hopefully they will appear soon.

Training one limb reduces soreness in the other limb.

Amby Burfoot writes about a study that urges caution in transitioning to barefoot running.
And here’s another article about the same study, I believe, but this article talks about cookies as well.

Steve Boyd posts on the whole “schools vs clubs” question. People in Quebec should read this, as it gives an idea of how that dynamic goes down in other places. I find that Quebec has a much stronger club system, and while the school system could be improved, it’s good that the sorts of practice requirements don’t seem to cause much trouble here. The reason for this is that most of the good coaches are in clubs. In Ontario, when I was growing up, this was quite different. I was never in a club in high school because I didn’t need to: my school team was better than most clubs. And the same went for university: the coaching there was probably better than what you would get if you stayed with your club coach. Things are a little different now, what with budget cuts in education and all. But it remains that there’s a bit of a turf war between schools and clubs, which is of course, 1) to the detriment of athletes and 2) a testament only to the egos of coaches, on both sides.

Thoughts on racing: pre-, during and post-.

It’s a hot summer and people are getting antsy. Calm down everyone.

Maybe this is related. Do we really have any kind of culture of sport in Quebec/Canada?

Geoff Martinson questions the age of some participants at World Youth Championships. Interesting photo.

How old is too old? I hope I still have time…

Jane is into mileage build. And bananas.

Peter Corrigan tried to give Adam Kellar a nice birthday present in Moncton.

Lauren Fleshman is in France.

Leslie Sexton doesn’t know what to do with herself.
It’s tough, being a national champ. 😉