Start List/Liste de Départ: pay your bills!

Haha, went dark there for a moment…now that the lights are back on, and wireless is back up in my place, here are some running links:

Rob Jackson shows what happens when you try to impress the girls.

Another way to impress girls is to have a blog and post videos of your races and stuff…Or instructional trail videos. Ah, I’m not doing him justice. Jeremy Walsh is the mind behind MacTrack.

You know when you are feeling shitty and then you go for a run and you feel better? Here’s why. Science incoming.

Science of Sport names their villans of the year. No, it’s not Randy Cunneyworth. Check out their other awards, too.

Scott Donald is not sure where he will go to school next year. Concordia, obviously! 😉

Lots of the tri people are doing swim time trials these days. Pat Hamelin does a long one: 2k!

Matt Lincoln says Merry Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, those reindeer sure can roll! And if you liked that one, here’s another running Christmas tale.

Courseà is offering you…a survey for Christmas?

Desy recaps 2011. He’s got a good thing going (other than the Sens-fan nonsense). Go tell him you like his blog.

AI is talkin’ bout feet.

Geoff Harris got a cat. Cats are always entertaining.

Steve Magness does a podcast, and two of his articles from Running Times are now available online. Check it out!

Use meditation to stay focused and happy!

Big workout by the big boys in Quebec City. I thought they were going to workout in costume though, based on what was written there.

Last word goes to Bruce Lee: “a goal is not always meant to be reached.”