Start List/Liste de Départ: Photo Contest!

It’s a big racing weekend in Canada, as there are two very competitive road races happening on both sides of the country. In Montreal, the Scotiabank 21k will host the Canadian half marathon championships. In Vancouver, the venerable Sun Run, a 10k that usually features the best of the west, is a mainstay of the spring racing season there.

Speaking of the Sun Run, in case you haven’t noticed, our “Start List” photo is from the 2009 Sun Run. We usually use the same picture for each edition because, well, it’s hard work to find 5 “start list” themed photos per week! So we’re asking for your help to keep things fresh! Send in your best “Start list/Liste de départ” themed photo, and if we like it, we’ll use it, and of course credit you for taking it. What a great prize, huh? Send your entries, in .jpg format, to by midnight on Sunday!


Leslie Sexton updates us on her kills for the week. She’s a killer. Making some money at it, too.

Matthew Sharp compares golf to triathlon. No, really. Sort of. Meanwhile Ian Donald complains about excessive TP use.

Geoff Harris is a ginger. He needs to get better sunscreen.

André Lefort has a nice video explaining how to put on your socks. It’s about compression socks–it’s not as easy as you’d think! If that’s too mundane for you, he’s got some other interesting stories to tell about what he’s seen on his runs recently.

Rob Watson: M**tha F***in Snakes on the M**tha F***in trail!


It’s a big weekend internationally, too, with the Boston and London Marathons going down.

Story on Mzungo about rebuilding in Kenya. Also from Mzungo, preview of the Boston Marathon featuring Irish marathoner Alistair Cragg.

Ryan Hall wrote a book.

Lauren Fleshman is on an extended road trip.