Start List/Liste de Départ: Reid out of London and other “failures”

The biggest news in the Start List today is that Reid Coolsaet, currently at a high altitude training camp in Kenya, has decided he won’t be ready to run the London Marathon this spring. He also mentions that he won’t be running at the World Championships in Daegu: conditions won’t be good, and placing at WC is apparently meaningless to the carding folks at Athletics Canada without a decent time. Reid learned his lesson when he ran a tough race in 2009 at WC to finish 25th, and it did not help his Olympic qualifying status. Alors, le thème pour aujourd’hui: les échecs. Comment peut-on vivre avec, et les utilizer pour réussir enfin nos objectifs?

An interview with Jon Brown is a good place to start. The guy finished 4th in two Olympic marathons. Oh, ça fait mal! He’s been living in Canada for quite a while now, but he’s always run for Great Britain.

Less about failure, more about challenges, Leslie Sexton talks about her move to London, ON to join the LRDC post-collegiate training group. She tackles the big question for many distance runners: what do I do after university?

Coach Steve from LRDC talks about failure, and about running the right pace in workouts. Sometimes you have to train a little stupid before you learn to train smart. Great Michael Jordan videos in there.

Three science links. First, to avoid failure (after all, too much of a good thing can’t be healthy!), it might help to write out your fears. Considering the success our group had with race plans this fall, I’d say this is a worthy story.

A Hutch from SweatScience passed along this link about the real story behind lactic acid. It’s a fuel, and you need it to run fast. But scientists were wrong about it for a long time.

This talk about marathon runners having plaque in their arteries…maybe it’s a good thing? Scientists are often wrong: that’s what allows them to figure stuff out.