Start List/Liste de Depart: Rotate This

To start off the week, Trimes has some nice posts. First, from coach Steen Rose, an article about rotating your shoes. Then, a little comment on Triathlon Canada’s 2012 team selection. And an interview with Andrew Russell.

Brenna talks teeth.

Sweatscience looks at caffeine, stairs vs. elevators, and standing desks.

Rob Jackson is running so much he’s getting dizzy.

Part three of the carb series from Daniel Riou.

Here’s Derek Nakluski post-marathon in Detroit.

Fall update from Geoff Martinson. How does this year compare to last?

Chuckie V returns, sort of.

Meggan Franks gets motivated.

Pay your dues. It’s worth it.

Season review from Kevin Rooke.

Coolsaet gets in on the Eggnog challenge. He’s also been nominated for some AC end of year awards.

The Science of Sport asks for nominations for sport science of the year awards.