Start List/Liste de Départ: sarcasm edition

What information should you record in your training log? You have a training log, right?

Jeremy Walsh discovers the joys of pool running.
It’s really fun.

McMaster XC and Track has a new blog. Check out their OUA video.

Here is our RSEQ/FQA video.
We need more acronyms in this province, we really do.

Lee Manuel looks at Quebec marathon running in the 80s (yes there are some pics!) vs now. Why the gap? This discussion has been going on for the last 10 years on message boards like TNFNorth and Trackie. The situation is no different in the ROC. Maybe things are getting better. Look at marathon times now compared to the late 90s.

John Mason has a solution. It does not involve fuel belts. It involves running. Wow, running, really, are you sure?

Here’s your chance to beat Reid Coolsaet. All you have to do is run under 40min for 10k. Wow. The guy’s washed up. See what all that running does to you?

Here’s a race recap from Niagara Falls marathon winner Meggan Franks.

Sweatscience does like to beat up on stretching. But here is a study that says stretching is just as good for your lower back pain than Yoga! Ha! Take that Lululemon!