Start List/Liste de Départ: Science Project Ideas

There’s a bit of a science theme to the links today. La science sur laquelle on base nos entraînements n’est pas toujours la première chose qui vient en tête quand on commence une grande série de 800m à PAM. Mais ça vaut la peine d’y penser un peu, de temps-en-temps.

Sweat Science looks forward to what sort of ideas sports researchers will be exploring in 2011. Not included in his list is the debate over running shoes and injury rates, but not because he doesn’t think it will come up. He’s planning on blogging about it soon. In the meantime, Running Times has a chat with biomechanist Benno Nigg about that very topic. Dr. Marco Cardinale is reporting on new recommendations for dietary intake of Vitamin D and Calcium.

Trimes digs Tenille Hoogland, a triathlete from Ottawa. She took the bold step of quitting her job and moving to Texas to train. Badass.

Also in Tri news, the managing director of ITU World Cups, Sheila O’Kelly, has stepped down. She played a big role in the development of Tri racing. C’est sûr qu’au Québec on est conscient de l’importance des administrateurs…peut-être trop conscient des fois, but anyway…