Start List/Liste de Départ: Skinny, Sleepy Runners

Start List today: Losing weight and resting the brain, et quelques mises-à-jours de Guelph.

In the first of four(!) appearances on this start list, A Hutch looks at weight loss, and how it is best achieved. Hint: it’s by good habits and good diet, not starving yourself and over-training. That article appeared in the Globe and Mail yesterday. There’s already been quite a lot of feedback, and Hutch has responded.

His second piece looks at the very important topic of sleep. What are the best pre-sleep conditions to ensure your brain gets the rest it needs? Room light supresses melatonin. Marco Cardinale gets more specific about why sleep is so important for endurance athletes. It is about the brain resting up.

Finally, Hutch links to Travis Saunders who found that too much sitting can be very bad your health, no matter how much exercise you do.

Chris Winter complains about winter (ironic?) and also tips us off that Speed River is looking at coming down to old Montreal for the McGill Team Challenge, which means we could see some serious 3k action. Sub-8min anyone? We won’t see Reid Coolsaet this time, as he’s landed safely in Kenya. And Rob Watson will be down in Houston, for his marathon debut. Look for yet another big time from a Canadian marathoner.

A couple links from Ian Donald at the Triathlon RTC in Guelph. First, he celebrates the Regional Training Centre, with a fine self-produced song. Second, he laments the fact that his blog could stand to be more outlandish. HA!

Speaking of the RTC, they’ve posted a note from the CEO of Swimming Canada, praising the tenacity of Canadian swimmers. Solid leadership in that NSO for sure.