Start List/Liste de Départ: Spring Fling

Spring has sprung, and there’s lots of action on the scene!

Our newest member, Meggan Franks, talks about her plans. She’s going to join us in Montreal for the half marathon in April.

This weekend was a big one for racing. Reid Coolsaet won the Around The Bay 30k. Graydon Snider from our club took part as well. Leslie Sexton blogged before the race. She split 20k in 1:19, but didn’t finish, unfortunately. Hope all is well.

Here in Montreal, the Lasalle Road Race was a great success. Our club rolled to almost 8min worth of PBs!

Stephane Colle is ready for the outdoor season. Steeple chase? Interesting post by Graydon suggests that there is some ideal event that’s perfect for you.

The Phoenix group ran a 1k time trial. Well done. Malindi Elmore and Hilary Stellingwerf have also arrived in Arizona.

You need to practice your will power. Robbie Watson practiced some of that in NYC. FFTF makes you hurt.

Daniel Riou is thinking outside the box. Always good to experiment. He’s also got a couple Jack Daniels videos. Always worth a watch, that guy.

How do you run a lot, and not get injured?

If you can run, you can run. A great movement for sport.