Start List/Liste de Départ: Stand by me

Just a heads-up: the next couple weeks should see an increase in talk about minimalism, stride-length and all that jazz. Why do I say that? Well, once one article comes out, then many others usually follow. For some reason, this topic gets people all riled up! Amby Burfoot has “the latest.”

A little rant from Geoff Martinson about obesity. He links it to accountability. For a scientific perspective, check out Travis Saunders’ blog Obesity Panacea.

More complaining: Jay MacDonald is concerned that you are not returning his calls. He’s right though, it’s rude.

Trevor Caldwell is dealing with achilles problems again.
It’s too bad because he was running well.

Chris Winter is excited to be back in the mix.

Reid Coolsaet is not particularly happy with his race on Tuesday night, and so has made some adjustments to the plan.

Ça Roule à Québec a roulé jusqu’en Ontario pour le 401 series. Screw running, these guys should start a band.