Start List/Liste de Départ: Standard-setting

Lots of different ideas in today’s Start List.

***Update: AC names Canadian Team for World Cross***

Simon Whitfield makes an interesting proposal with respect to standards for the national racing team in triathlon. The idea that he calls a “time budget” involves spreading standards out over two events (swim and run) so that a weakness in one won’t disqualify someone with a strong talent in another. Applied to track and field, it doesn’t really apply, but the topic of standards is always hotly debated. Most recently on Trackie, the news that recent Montreal Endurance interviewee Megan Wright would not likely get federal carding money, was cause for concern. One interesting possibility thrown out on that thread by “Super Agent” Kris Mychasiw:

“I don’t think the carding system should even exist. It pays athletes for sub par performances that mean nothing at the world level. Bring in a prize and bonus structure for nationals and you will see people who really work hard who want and need to win the money.”

Ouch. After that, we need something fun: check out new ads by Puma and NB, over at Trimes. Here’s the NB add. It’s pretty awesome. Let’s make some excellent happen:

Speaking of excellent: Canadian Snowshoe Racing Championships are this weekend.

A couple marathon stories: First, should children run marathons? Second, should nerds run marathons?

For the Africophiles out there, here are some Kenyan souvenirs, brought back by Reid Coolsaet, and an article from the Kenyan media previewing World Cross that sounds a lot like what our media write about before any international hockey tournament: We better win.

On the science end of things, not too much this week. Hope for balding runners? I don’t see it. Et un bon sommaire et opinion sur le fameux débat de foulée en Français par Alex de Trimes.

Finally, more professional advice on injury prevention from Dathan Ritzenhein. He seems like a good person to ask, right?