Start List/Liste de Départ: Staying alive

The toughest part of endurance running (or cycling, swimming or skiing) is the enduring. Yes, getting out the door is tough, but most of us are over that: it’s habit. The tough part is when you are about two-thirds of the way through (your run, a race, workout, whatever) and there’s just a little bit more left than you would like, but you haven’t completed enough to be satisfied. This can apply to the training week, too: that Thursday evening run on the back end of a double is a tough one. But of course, that’s where you make it. That’s where your good sleep habits and good eating habits kick-in. That’s where you don’t listen to your body because if you did, you’d be home eating chips and watching tv. We are at that point in the winter season, too now: mid-February, several snow storms gone, and we all know there are a few more to come, even if March might look like spring on the calendar. So cheers to everyone for getting this far. Keep on rocking in the free world everybody! Links after the Neil:

Alex Hutchinson is not letting up one bit. No wonder he has a book coming out, the Internet can not contain him! His most recent post is about how eating beets and not brushing your teeth can help you run faster. Hey, don’t look at me, it’s science! Another link from Hutch follows up on some work by Travis Saunders at Obesity Panacea about how too much sitting can hurt your health. I guess that’s obvious to those in the endurance community, but when you think about the society-wide implications, this is pretty important work. Finally, this post talks about good stress and bad stress. Turns out (again, something we probably have a good sense of already) that exercise in times of high stress is important. All these obvious points, and then the stuff about beets. It must mean the beet thing is true, right?

Something for those who haven’t been able to make it through without breaking down: tips on working out on that mysterious beast, the elliptical trainer.

Finally, updates from those doing the actual enduring. Some getting through quite well, others not so much, and others are seeking validation for their insecurities. In other words, Jane Cullis is keeping the high mileage going in Toronto, Reid is almost done in Kenya and Dylan Wykes is struggling in Vancouver after his great marathon in December. And in Guelph, Ian Donald is worried about being short. Luckily for Ian, size doesn’t matter: it’s endurance that counts. 😉