Start List/Liste de Départ: The countdown is on

Excitement is building for the Toronto Marathon next weekend. Today at 11:30am Eastern, there’s a live chat with some of the big names, including RD Alan Brookes, and some of the guys from Guelph.

If Coolsaet is on, ask him about this. Don’t give up.

Don’t forget Steve Osiaduk. He was once the hope of Canadian marathoning. He’s been somewhat eclipsed, on the West Coast by Dylan Wykes, but he’s been consistent. He’ll be in Toronto as well.

Racing is a game. It’s fun.

Ryan Noel-Hodge is having fun, running fast.

How dangerous might dehydration be?

After some rough nights, it seems like Kelsall is making a miraculous (or at least ahead of schedule) recovery. “Why do you always multiply your repair estimates by a factor of 4, Mr. Scott?” “How else can I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?”

Here’s why you should keep track of your running.

Matt Sharpe learns to drive stick.