Start List/Liste de Départ: The Good Life

How do you spend your time? Graydon breaks down his day. How much of it involves drinking beet juice? Not sure it will fit in the six dollar a day budget, but Daniel Riou tried it, with mixed results. I wonder if Rob Watson will be drinking beet juice this weekend in New York City? Or will it be beer? You know who knows about nutrition and sport? Trent Stellingwerf, that’s who. Lauren Fleshman is not doing any running, unfortunately. But it’s a long game, and there is plenty of time. Think long term. Or, if all else fails, run naked.

Ok, enough rambling. A new point. Steve Morley rejoices in the staff at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax. This post makes me jealous becausenpart of the reason we did not train at Robillard this winter, and will not train there this summer, is that the staff are brutal. Maybe it is better now, as they have hired a few young people, like Ben Raymond for example, who obviously knows about the sport, but nearly every time I have been there someone in one of those infernal red shirts has made it clear that they know nothing about running, and treats the athletes like interlopers. Who is the track for if not for the athletes? Hopefully our new home at Kent will not be marred by unnecessary bureaucracy.

You know who is awesome? Amy Golumbia, that’s who! Also awesome, cross-country skiers. Go Canada!

If you haven’t heard, Meggan Franks has joined our club! Exciting news! Enjoy the weekend! Life is good!