Start List/Liste de Départ: the hay is in the barn

To start, here’s a cool time-lapse video of the New York Marathon start:

Next: Happy Birthday to our friends at! Making triathlon interesting since 2009. Here’s hoping to Alexandre St-Jalm brand trisuits in 2012. Seriously, it’s a great site, we strive to be like them. Keep it up!

It’s getting hot in the CIS. Mac has a preview. They are pumped. Everyone is checking the weather, cause the hay is in the barn. And if there are any stray cows, RNH is taking them back to the barn, too.

Speaking of weather, here’s how to prepare for weather in a marathon.

It took just 24 hours for 10,000 spots in the Berlin marathon to be snapped up.

Optimal training requires optimal organization. Here are some tips to organize your day (français).

Sweatscience holds firm on the contention that Born to Run guru MacDougall contradicted himself re: injury. (INTERNET FIGHT!! WOO!!)

Sweatscience (i.e. Alex Hutchinson) is writing for Men’s Health now. Show us those abs, Alex!