Start List/Liste de Départ: the lull of Detroit

Live like an athlete.

The medium-performance group in Toronto is getting through their building phase, and will be starting workouts soon.

Rob Watson likes running, beer and crepes…wait, that’s news?

Jane also starting marathon build-up.

Geoff Martinson is off to Europe. Sardinia on July 13th. Cool.

Matt Lincoln is happy to have finished 8th at nationals, considering the injury troubles he had earlier in the year.

À Québec, ça roule, même dans l’ouest du Canada. (Part 3)

After winning the Harry Jerome 1500m, Malindi Elmore has some thoughts on the man himself.

RNH has a new blog post this week, too.

The London Runner group has had a good little summer.

Jeremy Walsh PBed in the 3k.

André LeFort had a solid win up in Northern Ontario this weekend.
It’s always fun to get in a good battle for a race win, and then be able to pull away and enjoy the victory a little bit in the last stretch.

Lauren Fleshman has two posts about how 8th place happens: the story of her comeback from injury to the USA track championships this year. Part 1. Check out the race video from 2010 though. Balls. Part 2.

How many steps do you take per minute when you run? This article suggests shooting for 180+. (Includes sweet Lagat vs. Bekele video!)

Oz was painting his roof this week, and saw a tandem bike on a run.

High school kids from Illinois running 100mpw to prepare for cross country season? I guess they want to be good at running or something…

It’s more stressful to live in the city. Get out to the country for a nice, relaxing run…

A little overdue, but here’s a report from ACSM by Marco Cardinale.

Apparently a new HR max test, that is just as good as a treadmill test, and better than 220-age (which has been shown to be inaccurate) is 2x200m all out with full recovery. Take the average HR. Hmm.

Thoughts on exercising in heat.

I don’t usually post shoe stuff, but people have been talking about this one. NB 2012 minimus line. Two comments: 1) dude, lose the tuque. 2) how long have they been making shoes? It’s taken this long to figure out where people wear out the bottom? I’ll still probably get some. I like the mono tongue in the MR00 for sure.