Start List/Liste de Départ: Tonight, tonight!

London Runner coach Steve Weiler has a short blog about a couple things: 1) big track series going on in SW Ontario. 2) Compromise is for the mediocre. Those two words are hard to spell right the first time. Coverage of the 401 Series can be found at Runnerspace.

Jeremy Walsh opened up his season in Windsor this weekend. He’s pleased with it.

Alex Hinton and the Triathlon Code will be in London tonight for the big 5000m.

Peter Corrigan says thanks, and that he’s on his way back to Calgary soon!

The big question: Cardio or weights? The big answer, cardio, at least for weight loss. Speaking of Cardio or Weights? (the book), it was reviewed by Runner’s World. Last Sweatscience link for today: does fat matter?

Jay MacDonald explains why the long run is key for aerobic development.