Start List/Liste de Départ: TV on the Internet

It’s amazing how much track you can watch online these days. Of course, NBC was useless in getting the US marathon trials online, but thanks to Flotrack today we can watch collegiate meets in South Bend and New York, and the Grand Prix in Boston. Nice stuff. (edit, NBGP not streamed. Lame. Who has ESPN2 anyway?)

The democratization of athletics media continues. Meanwhile, some big name cheaters are not off the hook yet. Yes, I mean Lance.

Here is a question I never thought I would thought I would ask: should Running With The Buffaloes be banned?

GI Jane gets a link based on length alone.

Malindi Elmore shares some cool recovery ideas. Interesting that she and Hilary are crossing over between the two big middle distance groups.

A couple more recovery posts. Massage helps. Chuckie V tells you what to eat.

So how do you run seriously and maintain a healthy relationship with a non-runner? Good post by Brandon Laan.

Steve Weiler has some good advice on how to plan for and react to racing.

Graydon examines the Stoic philosophy.

Rob Watson settles in down south. And his buddy Reid quotes Salazar, on a topic relavent to Rob