Start List/Liste de Départ: Weekend edition

Lots of links over the weekend end up being overwhelming on Monday so I thought I’d do something to ease the flow…

RNH teaches us spitting etiquette.

Matt Lincoln says “Flagstaff sucks.” He complains of a lack of NHL playoffs on tv, but really, the second round has been pretty boring compared to the first.

Chris Dulhanty and the Guelph (not)rookies(anymore) are moving, too, but they like it! Chris also introduces us to Lou Gieser, another Guelph runner.

Sweat Science has found the root of all evil! It’s sugar. Sort of. Never straightforward with that guy, which is great because not much is…

Vincent Gauthier écrit un revue de son experience à la conférence de blessures de course de Blaise Dubois. Aussi chez Trimes, un pas de plus vers la création d’un institut de sport au Québec.