Start List/Liste de Départ: weekend links

Ok, winter getting you down? How about a snowshoe race? Still too wintery? Swimming, then? Here are some tips from a guy who knows.

Kelsall goes off about hockey and politics…I think there is some running in there.

Shoes or style? What’s more likely to cause injuries?

Qu’est-ce qui est sur le menu pour vous en 2012?

Quin Ferguson’s top five meals of 2012.

Worth the click for the scenery.

Reid Coolsaet touches down in Kenya.

AI has a primer of the Lydiard method.

Meanwhile, his buddy Rob went to meet Jane’s parents over Christmas…and then got dumped on New Year’s Eve! Wtf? Jane’s recap of 2011 has some kind words for the guy, but…but…I don’t like this. Watsoolis is over. 🙁