Start List/Liste de Départ: Welcome visitors!

We had a lot of new visitors to the site this weekend, thanks to the live stream of the McGill Team Challenge. I hope you come back for more interesting track reading! Here are some choice links from around the Internet:

Girl push-ups? No such thing.

Local boy Stephane Colle talks track from Moscow, Idaho.

Olympian Eric Gills talks about winter running. As his coach says, it’s not really any different from running the rest of the year. Suck it up!

Don’t forget the coach!

Athletics Illustrated has an interview with Nick Symmonds.

Un peu de motivation en français.

Another great blog, Trimes, has a blogroll post as well.

Ian Donald is a reformed triathlete…who is running a marathon.

A glimpse into Geoff Martinson’s high school training.

Winning is realizing how lucky you are to be in the game. Losing is not helping others.

Basically, be like Doug Flutie.

Finally, in case you haven’t heard, Rob Watson has left Speed River. This makes sense to me. As much as Guelph is the place to be for running now, it’s impossible that it would work for everyone. Anyway, good luck to Rob, keep chasing the dream.