Start List/Liste de Départ: we’re back!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Blogs have been written, so they must be read! Let’s go!

Running Jesus is the appropriate first link today. Nice pics!

Dave Kavell has a Christmas list.

Francois Dion has a Christmas message, too.

And Adam Campbell, Patrice Hamelin, and Jeremy Walsh.

Magness has a post about rats and babies. Sweat Science takes a stab at it, too.

Derek Nakluski talks about his winter training.

Hutchinson reports that lactate at threshold doesn’t predict performance. First VO2, now lactate. Interesting developments. Remember, it’s not that these things are not important attributes to develop, just that there’s more to it…

Winter training camps are starting up. North Carolina anyone?

18 miler in Athabasca for Christmas? Yes, please!

Trimes reviews Brian Martin’s Running Technique.

Adam and Tim talk about goals and resolutions.