Start List/Liste de Départ: World Class Hangover

A couple big races this weekend. Few links, more opinion in today’s Start List:

Yesterday Reid Coolsaet (62:42) and Dylan Wykes (62:14) ran a couple very solid Half Marathons in NYC. You can watch the whole race at

And at World Cross, despite some one-upmanship by their rivals, the Kenyans dominated as expected. Merga of Ethiopia won the individual senior men’s event, but the Kenyans won three of four team golds (Ethiopia won junior women), and the three other individual golds as well. Canada was 12/14 in JW, with Caroline Pfister the top Canadian in 52nd place. The Junior Men were 12/17, ahead of host Spain, with Ross Proudfoot the top finisher in 49th. Lone Senior Woman Kate Harrison was 88th out of 101 competitors. On the Senior Men’s side Cam Levins lead Canada with a 57th place and the team was 16/17.

Interesting that it doesn’t seem the USA raced their A team at NACAC Championships, which sort of calls into question the whole race at NACAC to prove your worth at World Cross thing… There was a great outcry that if we didn’t go race at World Cross, we’d be killing our distance program. Well, it seems like not much has changed in terms of results at World Cross. Imagine if we had fielded a team of Coolsaet, Wykes, Bairu, and Watson, to go along with Levins and Weibe, say. The senior men would do ok. And what if Sheila Reid and Kate Van Buskirk ran for the senior women?

Our distance program is not dead. There is distance running talent in Canada. It’s too bad that we don’t run it at World Cross, but that’s ok. Bairu said this week that it’s like the Super Bowl of running. I disagree. It’s more like the World Junior Hockey Championships. A small number of countries care about it, and a small number of countries dominate it. Canada is the Norway/Germany to Kenya’s Canada, if you follow…We are producing individuals who can compete at the top levels internationally, but it is unlikely we’ll ever compete with the depth of the world (African) powers at the team level.

Full World Cross results here.

Jeremy Walsh has a training update, and he wants to hear from you.

Despite what Jane Cullis might think, runners should be quite good at crossing streets. Don’t laugh, this is a useful skill to have.