Start List/Liste de Départ: You must, you must!

Here’s a little core circuit from André LeFort.

Soy Milk fan? Try Almond or Coconut for variety! Interesting question at Ask Lauren Fleshman

Kevin Rooke and his coach have decided to shift focus for the rest of the summer. From 5000m down to 1500 and 3000.

We’ve heard about how static stretching seems to lower muscle power in runners, and apparently, the same is true, perhaps even more so, for cyclists. Also, if you are a cyclist, you might live longer. Longer than who, exactly?

Geoff Harris talks about his last race in Indianapolis, and is getting ready for nationals this weekend in Calgary.

Dylan Wykes sums up his racing season.

Out on a run and the smell of the Q wafts by…

Did Rob Watson’s parents really name their kids after sperm?

Jeremy Walsh with a Pb at London 1500 night. Who didn’t PB? I guess I didn’t, but hey whatever… Here’s more on that magical night from meet director Steve Weiler.

Runners’s high? How about runner’s calm.

Matthew Sharpe crashed in his race in Italy, and his experience with Italian health-care was
…well, if you’ve ever gone to an Italian family’s house for dinner…imagine that health-care was food: “you must, you must!” Though apparently there was more waiting than at Nonna’s house…

Derek Nakluski is back from a break.