Start List/Liste de départ: You’re a star!

Great interview with Supermom and awesome person Amy Golumbia.

Geoff Martinson is a Rising Star! Congrats on making the team!

Trimes has some good tri links, and is picking France to surprise in 2012!

Platelet-rich plasma treatment: another study.

The Performance Clock: an interesting concept. Failure is built in. But it doesn’t have to be.

Frederic Dion a quelques remarques à faire par rapport au routes du Québec! Turns out, not everyone is friendly to the lonely runner.

Talent and genetics. Always a fun topic! By the way, that post is based on this one. You should read it, too.

How to run on vacation.
Tip they forgot: find someone to do the Start List while you’re gone! Any takers? I’ll be gone next week…