Start List/Liste de Départ: You’re doing it wrong!

Holy crap there are way too many links today! This is what happens when I don’t do the Start List over the weekend. As of this week, since I keep adding cool blogs to my reader, the Start List will become a daily post. Otherwise, it just takes too long! So check in every day! New pic, too, in honour of spring road racing.

Rob Watson’s got a smoothie recipe for you. And he runs with an Mp3 player? What is this, Le Blog du Rob or Runner’s World?

Trimes has a book report of a triathlon training book for competitive triathletes. Not, “how to do your best tri on three days a week and lots of expensive gear” but a book on how to best get the work done.

Pretty cool video from Ian Donald, featuring a workout by the group down in Florida for a training camp. Just one thing…who starts quarters at the 100m start? Triathletes: can they do anything right?

Well, they can win medals. Two silvers for Canada at the ITU Junior North American Sprint Championships. Well done! Full results.

Team Quebec triathletes are down south, too. Cactus League-style in Arizona.

Simon Whitfield is introducing an online training program. Better than a human coach? I doubt it.

Alex Harvey was 5th in the 50k at the World Nordic Championships this weekend, to add another impressive result to his relay gold. Trimes interviewed him last year.

Dr. Cardinale shows us a new way to report blood tests. Pretty cool from a health perspective, as well as an athletic one. The idea comes from this TED talk about visual presentation of data. Crazy stuff.

The Choke blog looks at how our brain responds to stress in different situations.

Sweat Science links:
Protein during exercise is good for strength training, but not endurance workouts. Note that that’s DURING, not after.
More evidence in favour of dynamic stretching, this time in a soccer scenario.
Cycling: saddle height and bone density. To quote Jay-Z: “you don’t got no seat on ya muthafuckin’ bicyle!”

Free sports nutrition e-journal issue edited by Asker Jeukendrup, who is pretty much the world leader in this field. Very cool!

A new addition to the Start List will be Steve Magness’s blog, The Science of Running. In his latest post, he breaks down a ridiculous workout that Bekele did (16×400-200 in 52-4, rest, 24-5). As he points out, it’s hard to learn much from one individual workout, but as he breaks it down, you can see just how much is going on in this one series of intervals.

Race report from Leslie Sexton, who opened her road racing season this weekend.

A couple updates from Reid Coolsaet, confirming that he’s racing both NYC and MTL half-marathons this spring. I had the impression it was one or the other but these latest posts seem to imply both. Also, props for the G’N’R reference.

The Guelph rookies are in a funny video contest. It’s pretty good.

World news: Mo Farah’s moving to Oregon and he’s going to run the NYC Half on March 22.