Weekly Training/Entraînement de la semaine: April 25-May 1

I think I may have skipped last week, and I am definitely late in posting this week’s training. The training is getting done regardless!

Monday am weights and jog pm 5:30 Kent 5k group: 3×1200-800 at
5k-3k pace, 2min/3min rc. 3×200 fast at the end. 1500 group: 4×800-400
at 3k/1500 pace, 2min/3min rc. 3×200 fast.
Tuesday 7am core and jog pm jog
Wednesday am weights and jog pm tempo on your own
Thursday 7am core and hills pm jog
Friday pm 4:00 le gym, jog to Kent 2x2x200/100/300/200 at
1500/cruise/1500/jog 4-5min rc
Saturday long run
Sunday 8am Kids Help Phone Walk