Weekly Training/Entraînement de la Semaine: April 4-10

We’ve been rolling pretty well for three weeks now. Last week we had some good volume, but we kept the quality low. This week the volume will go down, but the quality will come back up: a little something fast every day. We’re going to do a time trial on Friday to see where we are at/break off some rust. The marathoners are in full taper mode, too, resting and recovering in preparation for Boston.

Monday am weights o.y.o. 5:30pm Robillard 10×500 at 5k pace (100m rec). Might be split into two sets. Marathoners: 12k/60min easy jog.
Tuesday 7am Le Gym core+easy jog with 2x5min cruise pace pm recovery jog.
Wednesday am weights o.y.o. 5:30pm Robillard 1k@5k pace, 45sec rec, 600@3k pace, 5min rec, 600@3k pace, 30sec rec, 400@1500 pace. Marathoners: 2x1lap at Summit (2.5k), 5min rec. Comfortably fast pace.
Thursday 7am Le Gym core+hills pm recovery jog. Marathoners: no hills
Friday 5:30pm Robillard Time Trial 5000m. Marathoners: 15min jog-15min Marathon pace-15min jog
Saturday off or easy jog (Concordia Athletic Banquet!)
Sunday 9am Le Gym Long run with pick-up. Marathoners 15k max easy.