Weekly Training/Entraînment de la semaine: March 21-27

This week continues the building phase, with a 5k/10k road race at the end of it. We’re using it as a test to see where we are, to figure out at what speeds we should be running workouts throughout the spring.

Monday: am weights on your own 5:30pm Robillard 1-2x4x1k at 3k-5k pace. 2min/4min recovery. Number of intervals will depend on how you are feeling. This is a potentially very hard workout.
Marathon group 18k easy
Tuesday: 7am core at Le Gym 5:30pm jog with 2x5min cruise pace/1-2min rec if racing Sunday.
Wednesday: am weights on your own 5:30pm Le Gym Monofartlek: 2x90sec, 4x60sec, 4x30sec, 4x15sec all at 5k pace. Recovery equal time at cruise pace. Marathon group 15x1min at 5k pace, 2min jog
Thursday: 7am core at Le Gym+hills 5:30pm 75-90min run (a short long run since we’ll miss it on Sunday)
Friday: 20min tempo run for all.
Saturday: off
Sunday: Lasalle Road Race. 5k is at 8:50am, 10k is at 9:35am. 10k runners should be there around 8am, 5k runners 7:30.
Course map: